Development situations and performance evaluation of Chinese government guide funds


  • Zhao Liu Shaanxi Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd, Building 203,No.125 Jinye Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, postcode: 710077
  • Cong Qiao China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited, Mailbox 96,74 West Yanta Rd, School of Economics and Finance, Xian Jiaotong University, Shaanxi, Xian, China, postcode: 710061



Government guide funds, Performance Evaluation, Analytic Hierarchy Process


Now, structural contradictions in China’s industrial development are prominent. Government guide fund, as a new investment and financing tool, bears high expectations of the government on promoting industrial restructuring. In recent years, Chinese Government­ guide funds have entered the rapid development stage. However, the post-investment performance management and other assessment indicators still need to be improved. This paper firstly introduced Chinese Government­ guide funds from different perspectives; secondly built a performance assessment indicator system for Shaanxi Province based on the current situation of Shaanxi’s government guide fund. This paper suggested introducing government guide fund into the performance assessment system, which presents a new thought for standardization and normative administration of government guide fund. 


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